The story behind the song #2: "Computer Love"

I began writing "Computer Love" way before my injury. At the time I was playing with my band The Ethel Mermen, a time when I was far more focused on writing catchy songs than anything else. We started to rehearse the song but the band broke up before completing it so it returned to the large vault of unfinished songs in my head. After my injury I revisited the instrumentals and lyrics I had already written and began to add on new lyrics and sections, but this time they reflected my sense of desperation to stand up and do all the things I was able to do before paralysis. However, that desperation also came with a sense of determination to not allow the world tell me that I was useless or crippled, which I noticed was the common assumption of most people who didn't know me. So here is "Computer Love" and a deliciously silly music video I made with The Ethel Mermen in which I wrestle my bassist Alisa in several pounds of gold glitter (a very painful experience). 

Carina Ho