Finally, a new song has arrived.

I am incredibly excited to finally release a new single, “Dream Natural”, which is the first piece of new music that I’ve released since last year. I recorded it while living in Uruguay and it was one of the more challenging songs that I’ve written, mostly because it marks the beginning of my journey to be more vulnerable as an artist. It’s easy to write music that appeals to a mainstream audience, all you have to do is listen to popular songs and tweak a few things to make it sound like an original. Writing music that authentically represents an attempt to try something new is far more difficult — so “Dream Natural” has undergone countless iterations before it arrived to where it is today.

When thinking about the music video I also decided to experiment with a more avant garde style, not because I consider myself a particularly avant garde artist, but because it enabled me to unleash a sense of play with some amazing friends and collaborators that I met while living in South America. Passing this next milestone of new work has engendered a sense of growing into a “legit” artist, as in having more than just four songs and a few music videos. As I watch my body of work grow, I question where I see myself taking this project. Well, this summer I was invited to play at the Madison (Wisconsin) Disability Pride Festival, which will be my first out-of-state performance. The idea that I will be playing to an audience entirely comprised of strangers is terrifying and thrilling, namely because I will be telling my story in unchartered waters. As a female artist with a disability I am seeing more and more opportunity to break into new groups of people who have never seen a person like me get up on stage and play original music. Despite my terror in taking the steps into this unknown territory, I decided that is where I want to drive the direction of my career. Using my art as a platform to shed light on issues surrounding inclusion and disability (without ever having to explicitly say so) is perhaps the most profound contribution I can make if I succeed. So listen to me roar, that’s what my voice is for.

Carina Ho